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E-accessibility, your win-win digital strategy

To be accessible means to be flexible, semantic, valid, compliant, understandable and visible

Why to invest in e-accessibility ?

E-accessibility is making your website or App easy to use for disabled citizens and clients. But not only: it is a win-win strategy.

It also means complying with the Belgian web accessibility law which is a duty for all websites of (semi-)public entities since September 2020. Private actors have their deadline in 2025.

E-accessibility has also many other advantages: more search engine optimisation, more market reach, more overall technical quality...

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How to make your digital product accessible

To get an accessible website or App, you need to apply more than 200 design, writing and coding techniques, and comply with international guidelines.

They concern mainly web pages, PDFs and videos.

Let's be honest: it is a tedious challenge! But at Anais Digital, we would love to take it up for you!

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We help you to make your website/App accessible


Select the best formula : 10 top pages only or more, with or without complementary user tests.

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Get trained as a designer, writer, developer, project manager. In-house or inter-company.

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Don't get your hands dirty: let Anais Digital directly fix your website and make it fully accessible.

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Is your website accessible?

Let's check up one page on some basic typical e-accessibility mistakes.

Yet our check robot is not as good as our experts!

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